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Evidence Based Learning


At Brooklands Farm Primary School, everything is driven by two questions ‘What are the best ways to learn?’ and ‘What are the best ways to teach?’. There are no boundaries when searching for the answers to these questions, only a determination to listen carefully to the evidence people provide.


We talk about ‘Weaving a Learning journey’ because that is what we are trying to do. We know our school well and we try to match this with all that is said, seen and heard about the best ways to learn and teach. 





This journey will never end. It will only weave its way through time. As society sets new challenges, our school will provide new solutions.   


Well Being and Involvement

Relationships are the most important foundations for learning. We believe if a teacher understands how a child learns and self-regulates, they will be able to guide them to succeed. This relationship is made stronger by parents sharing and trusting their partnership with the teacher . 

We believe a child can self-regulate their emotional well being and their levels of involvement when learning.

We teach children to be active learners who own their own learning journey and therefore determine their own destination. We teach them the difference between being passive and compliant and active and involved. Our children are taught to feel the buzz that is learning and seek it out, as they know it will bring success.

Review - Mindset

It is proven that in life the biggest determining factor for success is a positive mindset.

We believe children can achieve anything.

We teach children to celebrate mistakes as learning.

We encourage our children to ask questions.

We teach children to be collaborative.

We encourage children to connect and talk about learning.

We encourage  change and adaptation to life's routines.



At Brooklands Farm, we talk about these skills and attitudes all the time. We want a community that thrives and therefore we have a determination to create a positive mindset in every child.

Project-Based Learning

Projects have been devised to engage children at the highest level. Research shows that when children are engaged, they learn more quickly, and at a deeper level. At Brooklands Farm, we ensure our projects begin with an ‘ignite’ event to enthuse and end with a ‘product’ to provide purpose and a need to communicate with others.  

Each project crosses subject boundaries.  Each project has a ladder of competence that can be used both at school and home, removing barriers to where learning takes place.

Our projects, where possible, link to local businesses and use real life scenarios.  The more children understand the process of learning and the interconnectivity to the real world, the greater the chance of sparking interests into adulthood and creating lifelong learning pathways.


Everyone at Brooklands Farm Primary is expected to grow their learning. This is a complex process and takes a huge amount of coaching to remove any barriers that exist on the way to success. 
The biggest challenge is that everyone learns in a different way, at a different pace and with a different passion and motivation. 
Placing them all in one classroom with the same timetable, one set teacher and one set of resources does not make sense to learners at Brooklands Farm. 

Instead, you will find different spaces to learn, teams of teachers teaching a year group and multiple resources to ensure anytime, any place, anywhere learning.




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